May 9, 2013

Eve PVP Videos

Eve PVP Videos are an odd thing.  If you aren't a pretty knowledgeable EVE PVPer then most people's FRAPsed fights won't make much sense at all.  There are standouts like kil2's videos and some of the Rooks and Kings ones.  I thought I'd link some with pros and cons.  And yes, maybe it is unfair to compare a quick self-FRAPs to the polish of the Rooks and Kings.

Anabaric's Shadow Cartel vs. Pandemic Legion

(link to his blog entry)
This is the blog post that got me started on the idea so I'll start it here.  I'm sure it was an exciting fight for them.  There's even a Titan involved.  The usual kind of music track is put into the background as you see ships targeted and then exploded.  I'm not really sure what I should be able to get out of this.  I see this as a "hey, look what I did" in which case great, thumbs up for you buddy, glad you're having fun.

Rooks and Kings - Iron Clad

(link to the You Tube)
Opening screen, beautiful video shots - hey, Eve is damn pretty.  Talks through the uses of Logi in the midst of showing us the fight, including explanation of things like logi cap chains.  The overdub voice helps keep us in touch with that's going on without constantly rambling.  I particularly like the use of their actual comms.  I could only hope to aspire to the calm calling we see hear on the Rooks and Kings videos.  On this particular video I recommend jumping to 04:44 as things go rather wrong.

I would probably links Rooks and Kings videos one after another but here are some more must-see ones:
* Anatomy of a Fight
* Clarion Call 3: The Black Fortress - "one does not simply walk into a wormhole"

Sadly, it looks like the big production value types haven't really been continuing from Rooks and Kings.  Their blog hasn't been updated since March 2012.  I know they're still out there - I've seen them and run from them once.


(Any of his Solo Commentary videos are worth watching)
So Kil2 (now CCP Rise) is a must-follow for those of us who want to get into the solo, small gang types.  It's unfortunate that we won't see more videos from him since he's working for CCP now.  What always amazed me is that he got those fights despite the fact that so many people (should have) known his name.

The great thing is how he explains what he's doing as he does it.  That includes what mistakes he's made.  I've definitely learned from his videos.  Tricks that other PVPers may have learned from corpmates or the like I learned from these.  Tricks that I've found other people haven't learned, to my advantage.

So, what EVE videos do you think are worth watching?

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  1. Rooks and Kings had another big production vid a few months back, 'Mister K'

    and recently one with piepbombing:

    their youtube channel has all the latest stuff