November 8, 2016

Fanfest 2017, here I come

After listening to the latest Declarations of War which was pretty much entirely about Eve Vegas, I remember that if I'm going to do Fanfest I ought to go ahead and get tickets.  Yes, the Early Bird tickets are already gone, having gone on sale on October 28th.  So after some consultantion with the wife I got the "Not so Early Bird" price on the tickets.

Whew, so now that's done, what next?

Eve Events

Charity Dinner - I figured I could put off buying these a bit longer while I figure things out.  It sounds pretty good, though I know I've heard mixed commentary in the past about the "dinner" part of it being pretty cheap and the implied access to CCP Devs and such being scanty.  Honestly, I'm generally of the mindset that if you want to give money to a charity, just do it directly with cash, so this would be about the event more than the charity.

Pub Crawl - I don't know if my liver is ready for this.  Seriously, I'm not a huge drink and mob scene kind of person, so I'd probably pass on this one anyway.  It does seem to be quite the scene for the Eve players running rampant through Iceland.

Sisters of Eve Tour - Now seeing Iceland is indeed part of the plan, but the question here is if I want to do it under the context of Eve or just on my own before or after Fanfest.  I'd be interested to hear anyone's opinions of the Tour indeed.


I probably ought to get in on this quick too.  I have a coworker who is a big fan of visiting Iceland, so I'll get her opinion on options in general.  I'm hoping a bit that if I get a place for a longer period spanning Fanfest it might not be quite so crazy.

AirBnB type settings sound best for the group reservations rather than the solo traveller.  I should note that I'm sure I'm going to be completely socialled-out, so I don't intend to try to work out a group-lodging situation.

Beyond Eve

A good part of the appeal here is seeing Iceland, which I've heard so many cool things about.  The real question is how much time to spend on one side of Fanfest or the other to do that.  After Fanfest will I be too burned out (or too excited) to enjoy seeing things?  Before Fanfest seems like a better idea - then it's a matter of how much time to set aside.

If nothing else, it will be an adventure...

November 6, 2016

My Citadel Assets are Safe - from everyone including me

So I noticed something in my Personal Assets section:

Hmm, I wonder what that is?  Let's Google, as that's generally the best way to learn something about Eve.  Here we go, an article on Asset Safety.

Ah, Okay, I remember that yeah - I bet I had something at a Citadel.  So the article says to look at my Personal Assets under Safety:

I guess that's not it.  Let's fly there. Yes, this is nicely marked as coming from an ill-fated Citadel that was even renamed to pin the blame on their competitors.  I had put up some sell orders there as a test to see if it actually worked out.  I guess not so much.
Okay, so all I need to do now is recover the assets and pay the 15% fee.  Great - right click on the shrink warp - nothing.  Right click on the items inside the inventory sub-window, nothing.  Double-click on them?  Nope.  Check the various sub-menus under Inventory?  Nope.

Well, not "nothing" I suppose - I can choose to buy more items like these or sort them or stack them, but nothing points to actually being able to retrieve them.  So they are safe.  Very safe.  Nobody will ever get these items.  Not even me, I guess.

Edit: Lightning fast response on the support ticket.  The answer is that you need to click-drag the Asset Safety Wrap into your inventory and then you'll be given the option to pay the fee.  Thanks to GM Molo for the overnight response time!