January 8, 2013

Plan Changes - lousy Heavy Drones

Well, that was quick.  Time to change the 2013 plan already.  I had somehow misread that operating Ogre IIs would only require Heavy Drones IV, rather than Heavy Drones V.  The extra 20 days of waiting on the skill don't sound like a great idea right now, particularly since my plan already was just to get to a level good enough to run L4 missions.  Since I'm planning on doing that in a Megathron, the Ogre IIs won't be as critical as they would be if my plan was more towards Dominix.  I won't be ignoring drones of course.  Improving Combat Drone Ops and Gallente Drone Specialization will still be on the plan.  I expect my drone loadout for the Megathron will more likely be a flight of Hammerhead II medium drones for keeping off the frigates and cruisers while the Mega's large railguns pound off things at range.

So that could mean I'll be moving toward CovOps V all the faster and the extra effectiveness in exploration that should mean.  I also will be reassessing after I do run some L4s to see whether I should add the skills for a Noctis to the plan.  I can get ORE Industrial V and boost my salvaging skill in the time it would take me to get that Heavy Drones V.  Though with the effectiveness of Salvaging Drones I do wonder if Noctis fits are going to move towards even more tractors and even fewer Salvagers.  Just pull the wrecks near and let the drones handle them while the pilot sorts out the loot in the containers thus produced.

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