February 26, 2013

Fly Like Water

A quick one...

Incursus vs Legion

Took an Incursus into Gallente/Caldari FW space to look around for a fight.  I saw a Legion sitting 17km off the gate when I came into lowsec, so I warped through and came up with a very brief plan.  Warp back at 20km, move in fast and close and hope that the medium lasers will have bad enough tracking that I can tank him.  Right, go!  Ooop, that's right my warp out wasn't right through him so now that I'm back at the gate I'm now 20km off from him.  Hmm, what should I do now?  Oh, I see, I should get locked and killed in three volleys before I can think clearly enough to align and get out.

I study a Korean martial art called Tang Soo Do.  One of the masters often gives me a hard time when sparring: "I can see that you're thinking of doing something.  It's making you stop because you're trying to think two moves ahead.  Just let it flow, you have to relax.  I see when you're relaxed because your moves come faster and your kicks are higher." I think this is common with some of us analytical types.  We're used to being able to take time to think through things.  It also comes from inexperience - the more experienced you are the less you consciously have to think about it.  In karate I have a set of moves that I am very familiar with that flow out of me very quickly and easily, but when I'm trying new things (particularly when facing a Master) then it is easier to freeze up.

Lessons Learned:

My fluid moves in Eve Online are a subset of frigate vs frigate brawling moves.  Close, scram, tight orbit and manage cap vs. repper.  What I need to keep getting experience with are more of a variety of moves.  For other noobs out there, I would say this also encourages moving from like to like in your experimentation.  I'm also tying to brawl in a Thorax (take current skills, move up one class).  I'm about to complete the skills for T2 projectiles, which will be good for getting out there and learning kiting moves (take current size class, move out one style)

Also, I got back to home in my pod and started looking around for parts to put into a ship to go out again.  Am I out of Void S again?  Where is a Hobgoblin II? Lost energy, noticed the time.  Bleh - only got the one fight in.  When I don't have the time/energy to go out and PVP I really need to get fit ships set up and ready to go.  Then when I do have time then losing a ship shouldn't cost that much momentum.  If I was in karate class and only sparred one time for two minutes I wouldn't learn much.  It's the fighting five different people in rapid succession until sweat is rolling down you that starts to bring the lessons.

Sidenote on skill queue:
Jumping between my learning clone (+4s) and my PVP clone (naked) I was really struck by the impact on the time remaining on my current skill.  I thought I had remembered it as being about a 10% difference - I just did the math and it is actually 16%.  Thanks to a recent SOMER Blink win I'm not currently as worried about ISK so I'm thinking even more on having at least +2s in my PVP clone.  Some of the hardwirings are pretty cheap too.  Perhaps a future post for me can be a "Cheap Noobs Guide to Implants."

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