July 15, 2013

Hey, Hey it's a WarDec

Time for us to wardec around!  This being a public blog I expect there's a chance that people wardec'ing us may take a look.  Hi there!  So without further ado, the tale of how we received our first corporate wardec.

The Suspect Orca

So about a week ago our corp boss Billius Zabub ( though I expect he wouldn't want to consider himself a boss) was cruising around in a bomber and noticed an Orca in an ice field take on a suspect flag.  Not one to let an opportunity slide away he locked it down and started with the torpedoes.  Sounds like the Orca pilot was pretty chill about the whole thing in an ensuring convo, but a boss higher up wasn't so chill about it and threatened that they had powerful friends that would wardec us.  Billius shrugged it off and finished off the Orca, but he felt bad about the Orca pilot after thinking back on the various convos and shouting that flew around so he even sent him some ISK to help him towards his next Orca.

Back on the corp channels we chatted about it with an aura of excitement.  We haven't had a wardec yet against this corp.  We had long since figured that with our lowsec roaming eventually someone might get unhappy with us and wardec us, so it was really just a matter of time.  All sorts of ideas for possible responses were tossed around.  But the days passed and no wardec came, so we kept on with our usual activities.

The WarDec

Fast forward another week and what pops up in my (non-Eve) communications from one of our corp members: "Hey! We Got a Wardec!"  Ooh, now it's on.  Turns out that indeed the people they threatened to sic on us came though.  Whores in Space now will have free rein to kill us in highsec ... along with the 77 other corporations they have currently at war or are pending.  Yeah, that's not a corp name I want to see flying around in front of my kids or my wife, so let's call them "WIS."

WIS has 437 members according to EveWho - that's one less than when I looked yesterday, so clearly we're already winning!  (468 according to evekill)  They are spread out over 27 different corporations of varying sizes (from 1 pilot to 61 pilots).  They're ranked #53 on BattleClinic for what that's worth.  So definitely not just some chumps.

So we're back to tossing around ideas.  Sadly I have some RL commitments that will probably make me miss the first night (my local) under the wardec and some time coming up as well, but I'm sure I'll hear from my friends soon.  I doubt that WIS is only being paid for a week of wardec, so I really doubt I'll miss out on the whole thing.

What do we have to lose?

We don't have a lot of big value stuff to lose.  We don't have a POS.  We don't have anyone running blinged-out ships in incursions.  We don't run mining fleets or anything like that which would be vulnerable to passing ganks.  Nobody is going to make their ISK efficiency numbers by catching one of us running around.  We'll probably be mostly running T1 stuff out there and getting it blown up a bit faster than normal.

There is an inconvenience factor.  My industrial alt has piled BPCs into the research queue and I'll probably chill out on her - gives me a great excuse not to micromanage all the fiddly bits for a while.  If the war runs long and I really want to do industry for some reason then she can either drop into an NPC corp or start up her own.  But until then I can sit in station and update trading orders to keep her moving if I want to.

But I'm sure there's plenty I don't know about wardecs that I'm about to learn.  I think that's also why we're pretty excited to see how it goes.

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