April 1, 2014

Appreciated or Not

Today is a random collection of items that aren't big enough to make a post, but I really ought to stop stalling on.  Let's call it Appreciated or Not.

Appreciated - YOLO Golem
Kudos to CASIO BRAN for bringing a Golem out to play outside a FW plex and taking on all comers with the massive power of fireworks launchers. (https://zkillboard.com/detail/37681848/) Rifterlings piled in and took a few shots at him, but then mostly kept fighting the waves of other people who came to join the fun.

Not Appreciated - Suggesting that a PC corp is better than an NPC corp
Apparently at least one person is a big defender of the honor of NPC Corps.  I have an indy alt that is still in an NPC Corp.  While moving from system to system I noticed a newbie question in corp chat and spoke up to help out.  Basically the person was misunderstanding stacking bonuses and ECM and thought that a couple sensor damps or a flight of ECM drones could guarantee breaking a tacklers lock.  I suggested that the newbie look at joining a group like EveUni or Brave Newbies so they could get some good mentoring.  One person in the NPC corp was apparently offended, saying that no PC corp was active enough that they'd always have someone around in corp channel that could help - as opposed to the wisdom of the NPC corp collective.  I disagreed and didn't want to argue, that alt was done with their job so I said good bye and logged the alt off.  Next time I logged on my alt had a bounty on them (1M ISK I think).

Appreciated - Continued Fights with Rifterlings
A month ago I mentioned how I was in on more kills in February than I had been on any previous month, barring ones were I got in on big events like FrigFest.  Recently I was despairing that it seemed like I hadn't been able to do nearly that much PVP in March because of real-life busy busy.  Turns out that actually March I was on more kills than in Feburary, and on a much higher total of ISK destroyed.  The latter is largely thanks to the shiny-fleet roam earlier this month.  These are all still pathetic kill numbers by the standards of serious-business-PVP, but I'm only comparing against my own history.

Not Appreciated - CONCORD doesn't love me
I tried slipping into some ratting between roaming in an attempt to keep my sec status up.  This was largely after I got surprised a while back when I found for the first time that I couldn't get into 1.0 systems - where a lot of my assets are.  But the PVP, it is too much, and my sec status keeps slipping down.

Appreciated - Tags4Sec
So I set a simple plan.  I will hunt down sec tags slowly over time and set them aside rather than selling them.  The goal is to have enough to get me back to 1.0 from -5.0 (or whatever depths of badness I sink to).  This is one of the reasons I like the low-sec "pirate" life better than FW - if I want to reset my life and do something else I can dig my way out.  With FW the only option would be to grind missions - preferably after finding someone with high opposite-side standings who could fleet with me on their L4s.

I also hear that ratting in nullsec is good for this, so if I can find a WH into null I might try some of that, though it will probably end me jumping on some nullbear ratter and undoing the benefits just prior to a local gang finding me and podding me before I can get back to sweet, sweet lowsec.

Appreciated - Bonus - Readers
I almost forgot.  I got a nice convo from a fellow I had met before.  He sheepishly admited he was part of the gang that had just killed me as I tried to race back to my supplies in a LASB Stabber which was out of cap charges.  Ooops.  Anyway, he complimented one of my blog posts.  That's always nice to hear.  So this Appreciated is for you readers, particularly those who leave comments on the blog or otherwise drop me a line.  You help encourage me to keep writing.  Thank you!


  1. Your font is a bit different today.

    Tag ratting is going to better than chaining systems in null. To respawn the tag rats clear all the belts. With the changes to sec gain down to five minutes + the sec of the tag rats + the tag itself you will gain a lot of sec, quickly.

    1. Good to know about null ratting, thanks. I suppose that's particularly true if I have to start by spending time looking for a WH then there's the ship choice bit, etc.

      Reset the font - it looked so big when I was rushing this off at lunch that I bumped it down to "small". That was clearly wrong.