May 7, 2014

The Ishtar Effect or What's up with Incognito Process

Some topics all over - CSM9, What's up with Incognito Process Prices, and my absent April.  April was a terrible month for me in playing Eve.  Between work and vacation there wasn't much time there.  But now it is May and I'm hoping to turn that around, even if the first week hasn't been great yet.  On the plus side it has been very exciting out there in the meta game.

CSM 9 Elections
I'm thrilled to see Sugar Kyle, Steve Ronuken, and DJ FunkyBacon in particular for the lowsec side and generally happy with the overall list.  I do think that the CFC played a good game by not having mynnna high on their official ballot, knowing that non-block votes would be sufficient to keep him in place.  Yes, there are a lot of nullsec block reps there, but I think that honestly represents the voting groups.  If people in other areas don't like that then they need to actually get off their butts and vote - it sounds like W-space was the big example of that this time around, but we'll find out when the DevBlog comes out with the election data.

Internet Spaceship Explosions to Come
So I had only a single, solitary, lonely kill in April (and two losses).  I didn't have a lot of time, and less time to fleet (sometimes I had to be without headphones to hear if the kids were fighting or needed anything).  I swear I still don't have the feel for how people go so much solo roaming.  I ran something like 15-20 jumps one session, d-scanning plexes the whole way, and only managed to find one fight (which was a trap).  Meanwhile a corpmate rattled through maybe a dozen kills.  It's not that I was just one system behind him the whole way either - I made a point to go a different direction from the systems that were on the stream of his killmails.  And I was in a Comet, so I was able to enter all plex types while he was in an Enyo and thus couldn't get into Novice plexes.  Something I just need to keep learning from experience I guess.  Need more explosions!

One thing that should help turn around my May is that the Point Blank Alliance is about to kick off an awoxing event.  I think I'll need to make it a point to get in on a Fintarue killmail.  I only hope I have enough fittings in home station.  I expect - I hope - this will be an expensive weekend.  So if it is going to be expensive then I'd better get to my T2 ship production, but...

Ishtar Effect - What's up with Incognito Process and Gallente T2 ship invention
So check out your favorite region's price curve for Incognito Process - the price has doubled over the past month or so.  At first I thought perhaps that was because people were abandoning the hacking-exploration in droves due to the reduced payouts, but I see that the prices for the other Incognito decryptor types has not seen that curve.  Glancing at Eve Central I see that the Process type decryptors for the other factions (Occult, Esoteric, Cryptic) are running at less than half the price of the Incognito Process.

Now the decryptor is not a huge chunk of the price of a T2 cruiser, so rising from 2M to 4M isn't going to make a major change in a 180M Ishtar.  Still, I'm curious - and look at the price info on Ishtars - the price is being driven by Dodixie instead of Jita.  We're not seeing that with Deimos or Phobos.  The prices on the Gallente HACs (circa 180M) are also out of line compared to those of the Huginn, Muninn, or Zealot (all in the 150M or less category) - though the Cerberus is also in the 180M range (I hear the RLML Cerberus is a lot of fun).  Did everyone just see that price difference and decide to pile in on Gallente T2 ships?

One set of data that might support that is that the components used to make Gallente T2 ships have surged in price as well.  So perhaps more opportunistic manufacturers who don't build their own components are piling in, not wanting to get the researched BPOs and feeder materials needed to get those components going.

So for now I think I may let my newly built T2 ships sit in hangar and wait for the market to calm a bit.  I've noticed this one is a wild one - I'll see a total of 7 Deimos for sale in all of Sinq and then you jump to now where there is better than two dozen.

That also will fit well with a resolution to fly Jakob more and try to get more fights.  Wish me luck!

(and any advice about finding fights is very welcome)

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