July 10, 2014

Silence in Space

And no, I'm not referring to the oft-puzzled case of how us pilots hear sounds when flying our ships around.  Turns out there's a lore answer to that, which I heard recently on the Hydrostatic Podcast IIRC, which is that capsuleers without any sound or tactile stimulus tend to go crazy.  That might also explain the "Eve has sound?" bittervet crowd I suppose.  But I digress.  What I was referring to was the low population right now in Eve, though it doesn't seem to be keeping all areas down.

Summer quiet time

It's not just you and it's not just me.  Things seem pretty quiet out there when I'm on too.Login numbers are down for the past few months (Eve Offline), though to hear the more experienced players talk this is pretty normal.  My playing has dropped to a night or two a week and may stay that way for a bit, plus absences for vacations and such.

So what to do?

I see that corpmates that are normally all PVP all the time are often off PVEing when I see them lately. I guess that makes sense, as the population is so low that fights are even harder to come by than before.  Perhaps I should get around to fitting up some better ships for combat exploration and the like and try to run up some ISK.  At my skill level (in character and in person) the higher DED sites might be a decent challenge too, though since I recently finished HAC 5 that might come into play.  I wouldn't mind if my sec-status went positive again either, since perhaps that would make people more likely to engage me when there is a possible fight to be had.

FW looks lively

From articles on TMC and such it sounds like FW isn't slowing down too much for the summer.  I suppose that unlike the nullsec stalemate there is something to gain and ISK to be made by conflict.  Plus if you really thought the other side was slipping into summer doldrums it would be a great time to push over the warzone on them.

So I hope to see people in space out there, and enjoy your RL summer too.
(Unless you're in the southern hemisphere of course)

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