December 27, 2014

Eve Podcasts of 2014

Back in August I wrote about the (then) current state of podcasting.  At the time the bittervet disease seemed to be sweeping through the podcastiverse, making formerly great podcasts a downer.  Since then CCP has moved to six week releases, started shaking up the meta of Eve, and generating a huge amount of enthusiasm.  I've definitely seen this in the podcasts, so it's only fair to revisit what's out there.  And since this is Eve, let's do it competition style with a top three:

Most Improved: Declarations of War

Declarations of War was in a real drag in August of 2014.  I said: "This used to be one of my favorite podcasts, but recently it's seemed like Alekseyev Karrde is succumbing to bittervet disease."  The Pheobe release has marked a turnaround for DoW, and the most recent episode was one of the best I've heard from DoW perhaps all year featuring a discussion back and forth between Alek and a recent contract target: Thaddeus Drake of Violent Declaration.  Alek is clearly energized again - it's good to have DoW back.

Most Consistent: High Drag

Even when the recording software isn't turned on, somehow High Drag manages to get their podcast out thanks to their Twitch-stream format and their loyal fans.  Coming out regularly and constantly having good stuff to talk about - what more do you want from a podcast?  I particularly liked Fintarue's recent piece on flying the Firetail as a good trainer towards a Dramiel - that's an idea I'd love to hear more about.

Most Timely: Hydrostatic Podcast

Hydrostatic podcast exploded on the podcasting scene with a tight format and a focus on lore - just in time for CCP to really start ramping up the internal plotline that had laid dormant for so long.  When HP put out the Rhea Lore Panel it was quickly recommended and linked across the Eve blogosphere and podcasts.  Until putting together this blog I hadn't even noticed that they've kept a constant mailbag going on lore questions too, so check it out.

Beyond these great podcasts here's one more I can't let go of:

Most Awaited: Fly Reckless

Real life has been conspiring to keep Fly Reckless down this fall, to the point where by the time the podcast hits the air it will be discussing an "upcoming" release that has been out for a week or two.  This is a real shame, since it means that Connall's speculations are shy of one last tweak from CCP and implementation.  I've always enjoyed hearing Connall Tara talk about ship rebalancing, so I feel like I've missed his enthusiasm with the Confessor and the Recon rebalance.  Here's hoping that in 2015 real life will let up a bit and bring the podcast back into sync with Eve.

And to close things out...

Since August I've also started listening to Derping Through War.  This one is particularly relevant to me as a Gallente Faction Warfare pilot.  The strength of the podcast is in discussions of fights, fits, and tactics.  The downside is that it can be awkward in the ego-driven boasting that is not uncommon around the Eve community.  It's definitely staying on the list.

Also still on the list, but less to say about them:
* Broadcasts from the Ninveah.  Kirith Kodachi is a wonderfully stable presence between his podcasts, running public fleets on Aideron, and generally contributing all over the place.
* Cap Stable.  This podcast is focused on what's going on with the HERO Coalition, and for a few episodes even billed itself as the official podcast of that coalition (though not the latest one I noticed).
* Crossing Zebras.  Of all the podcasts on my August list, CZ is the one that has managed to get the lease bounce from the huge upturn in Eve.  Perhaps it's because Xander and crew are still bound down in null-sec and haven't been able to enjoy the changes.  For some reason Xander keeps HVAC around even though he isn't playing Eve and just has a constant downward pressure on the mood of the 'cast.
* Down the Pipe.  Lots of turmoil back and forth here, and I expect the podcast is going to go on hiatus as I hear Bronya is taking a break from Eve.  It's a shame - I've always enjoyed the Storytime theme of DTP.


  1. One of the most popular, whether you agree with, like or not, podcasts/live broadcasts, Podside you fail to mention. But that's ok. I understand, sort of, nerd snobbery

    1. Ah, I see I forgot to link back to the August blog where I had such disclaimers up front. Yes, this are my personal preferences.

      I think I'd split what I think you're describing into two chunks. High Drag is a live broadcast, but it follows a format and generally keeps on track. Whenever I'd tried out Podside and some of the others I found them to be more of a talk-show format: lack of structure, lots of rambling, and mostly a matter of who can be louder and drunker rather than actual discussion.

      But yeah, tastes differ of course.

    2. (I've added the link) Here were my comments on such from last time - if these have changed I'd be interested to hear.

      Podside. I tuned in once and almost immediate got an earful of bittervet, broken only by Longinius Spear (of Down The Pipe) trying to argue for players to keep finding new fun and reinventing themselves. Given how often Eve vets tell other people to HTFU, it's particularly painful to hear them whining so bitter. I find I have no desire to try another episode.

      Clueless Space Nerds. I listed to one and it looked to be a recorded random chat between friends that might exactly fit the title. Between the lack of any structure and the fact that the hosts seemed to be on rather different audio recording levels I really didn't have any desire to tune in again.