February 4, 2015

CSM Candidate Summaries: Part 2

This next batch of interviews had some really strong candidates in my opinion.  Huge kudos to Cap Stable for doing these interviews and keeping the quality up particularly at the rate they're turning these out.

Top Notch Candidates

Mike Azariah: (High Sec, Casual Players, New Players, Communication)
CSM Incumbent and podcast hot-dropper extraordinaire.  If you're familiar with the Eve meta then you're probably already familiar with Mike.  He is very consistent in his approach and is continuing in the same vein.  That's by no means a narrow path, and Mike definitely comes across as a friendly-get-along kind of guy rather than a big-idea guy.  I think this can make his contributions seem less intense, but yet I get the impression he brings more of a soft-power kind of representative.  He's a good counter-balance to the "I'm so important!" style of candidate we see elsewhere.  (Forum Thread)(Podcast)

Jayne Fillon: (NPSI, Socials)
The concept of a social group mechanism in Eve has blossomed recently, but I hadn't really heard a good presentation of the points until I listed to this interview with Jayne Fillon.   Now that may be more about me not looking for such, but in terms of the CSM this means we get to hear how Jayne uses both passion and reason to make his arguments.  Frankly, I'm concerned that the passion outstrips the reason - he really seems to be one of the aforementioned "I'm so important!" type of candidates.  Nonetheless, tNPSI is a part of the game that we really should have represented more in the CSM.  With Mangala Solaris out of the picture it looks like Jayne is the right choice ... at least unless there is another candidate coming up I'm not aware of.  (Forum Thread)(Podcast)

corbexx: (Wormholes)
CSM Incumbent and foremost WH representative.  The work he has done in collecting information on WH site payouts for CCP has been reported commonly and also shows up in the Winter minutes.  I also note that several other very active CSMs have lauded him for his work (Sugar Kyle, Mike Azariah) and this backs him up as far as I'm concerned.  Corbexx is clear about his approach and expertise is relatively narrow. I am not a fan in general of the idea that CSMs should shrug and defer rather than tackle questions outside of their home area.  However, it sounds like corbexx has been doing an excellent job and I don't see any reason why he shouldn't continue to do so.  (Forum Thread)(Podcast)

Interesting Candidates, worthy of consideration

Psianh Auvyander: (Small Group, Null, Mercenary, New Players)
The CEO of Noir Academy has a strong sell similar to June Ting, and perhaps too overlapping with her for either of them to get to the CSM.  That's a shame as they both seem to bring a lot to the table.  Both have a strong professional real-life background that could make them very effective CSMs.  I would like to see a mercenary in the CSM, and Psianh makes a great argument for that play style in his interview.  I'm tentatively putting him lower than her in my mind, but I definitely will have to learn more about both.  (Forum Thread)(Podcast)

Sabriz Adoudel: (Ganker, Chaos, High Sec)
Here we have a CSM Candidate from CODE. Given that group's history you do have to at least consider if Sabriz is as much of a troll candidate as the Alliance Tournament team was.  Perhaps, but I must say I was much more impressed with Sabriz than I expected.  I'd also recommend checking out this post of his concerning changes to wardecs.  Some of his information is just off, for instance his assertion on WH populations compared to what was reported in the Winter Summit minutes.  I disagree with a lot of his positions and certainly won't put him on my ballot, but there's enough there that I wouldn't recommend immediately ignoring and passing over him.  However, you may find that Tora Bushido (next post) fills this niche better. (Forum Thread)(Podcast)

Not worth your time, move along capsuleer

Commander Aze: (High Sec, Null Sec, Incursions)
This candidate confuses me and certainly doesn't make me think he should displace any of a wide range of his competition.  His platform thread is about "questions not being asked", but his thread lists a lot of things that I think have been and are being discussed a lot such as wardecs, killmail reform, social groups, alliance bookmarks.  If you think those aren't being asked I'd suggest you haven't really been paying attention.  In the interview he talks about being in nullsec, but his forum thread talks about being confused by the Sov mechanics.  So in summary it sounds like Aze is interested in a lot of good topics, but cannot confidently communicate his ideas on them, which is pretty much what the CSM is all about. (Forum Thread)(Podcast)

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