May 8, 2015

Crossing a line, almost without notice

So yesterday Gallente pushed up to Tier 3.  That's handy, since it increases the LP we get from plexing and FW mission activities.  Apparently it was pretty straightfoward too, as it was done before I even had a chance to log in.  Just pull up to the iHub and dump in the LPs.  Which is pretty disappointing from a player activity point of view, and perhaps points a lesson for the null activity guidelines.

Essentially the Tier 3 was a non-event as far as anything dramatic goes.  It's not like we had to take additional systems, or hold down a Large complex in every system, or do anything that involved fighting the Caldari.  Yeah, people had to do things to gain those systems in the first place, and to gain the LP to donate to upgrade the systems, but that's all incremental activity.

If anything, we've gained this higher tier despite the Caldari climbing their way back in the warzone.  I was surprised to check and see that they actually hold 41 systems to our 60 now.  That's good in terms of having a more viable opponent for pew-pew, but seems disconnected from this whole Tier thing.

The recent nullsec dev blog goes into more detail about the indicies that will affect contesting systems and structures under the new "FozzieSov."  This was touched on in the o7 show yesterday as well, with Fozzie mentioning looking for more things to fold in to the activity metrics that won't be blatantly gamable.

So when a nullsec entity pushes their system up to Index 5, will anyone notice?  Will there be any event that players might celebrate, that might drive behavior and make everyone excited?  Or will it be an "oh yeah, that happened" like our GalMil push to Tier 3.

Or in a game like Eve is it up to us the players to make those events?  If there isn't some big mechanism from crossing one of these lines, should the Alliances (or militias) take on themselves to celebrate these with roams and giveaways and new videos and parody songs to taunt our opponents?

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