December 2, 2015

Operation Northern Troll and other wintry fare

Brief post here, kind of a mix of fragments:  Operation Northern Troll.  Nerfs to Gilas and Worms lead me to try to lose mine.  Hey, what's this Vindicator doing here?  Operation Frostline.  Eve and Think Geek.

Firstly in support of Operation Northern Troll, here is my card awaiting a visit to the post office to figure out what I need to get it to Iceland.  I doubt anyone reading this blog hasn't already seen bits about Operation Northern Troll via podcasts or the blogosphere, but let me just throw in that I'm doing this and I hope lots of other Eve players do too.  Mike said he wanted to cover a desk at CCP.  I think we can cover a wall.

I'm thinking that I've seen enough funny return addresses that the USPS won't care about that, particularly around Christmas time.

The next release is coming up in less than a week, and with that a nerf to both Worms and Gilas that will remove a low slot.  I set forth to put my two Worm hulls into action and managed to lose them both, one to a Daredevil, and one to a Jackdaw and supporting gang.  The Daredevil I'm particularly frustrated about because I didn't start up my MASB until too late, so he got through it right as I was pushing his SAAR tank into hull.  I don't think he was expecting a brawl-worm.  This has happened to me before; I'm such an armor-tanker by experience that I don't hit the repper until I'm in armor, which is rather too late for a ASB shield tanker.  The Jackdaw was more of a "what the hell" moment, wondering if I could take down the Jackdaw that was outside of a novice gate before his friends could clear from the inside.  I thought I could out-run him if he turned out to be brick-tanked, but the bounce folks scrammed me down before I could clear out when I found I was making no progress at all on the Jackdaw.  Now I have a Gila that I had used for PVE, but now have swapped around the rigs for more general PVP use and am just looking for the right shot to use it.

I was looking through my assets for Jakob and realized I had a lot of stuff in highsec from my pre-Rifterlings days.  Apparently including a Vindicator, Fed magstabs, Imperial EANM, and Fed webifier.  At least those could go together, but I can't imagine what possessed me to want to fly that since at the time I didn't have Gallente BS 5 and at best had Minmatar BS 3.  So on the market they went, another step towards building up enough ISK for a capital once I finish that training.

I enjoyed the Crimson Harvest, even though I only had a couple days to actually try out the content, so I'm looking forward to Operation Frostline even more.  As Ashterothi has pointed out, CCP has surprisingly not named the release next week but implied that perhaps it and Operation Frostline are the same thing thematically.

Christmas is coming up and I have family asking what I want for Christmas.  Part of me wants to hold out; I hear CCP is setting something up with ThinkGeek for Eve goodies and if so I expect that's going to jump to the top of the list.  But not... quite ... ready... yet...  I was really hoping the last o7 show would have that announcement.

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