November 6, 2016

My Citadel Assets are Safe - from everyone including me

So I noticed something in my Personal Assets section:

Hmm, I wonder what that is?  Let's Google, as that's generally the best way to learn something about Eve.  Here we go, an article on Asset Safety.

Ah, Okay, I remember that yeah - I bet I had something at a Citadel.  So the article says to look at my Personal Assets under Safety:

I guess that's not it.  Let's fly there. Yes, this is nicely marked as coming from an ill-fated Citadel that was even renamed to pin the blame on their competitors.  I had put up some sell orders there as a test to see if it actually worked out.  I guess not so much.
Okay, so all I need to do now is recover the assets and pay the 15% fee.  Great - right click on the shrink warp - nothing.  Right click on the items inside the inventory sub-window, nothing.  Double-click on them?  Nope.  Check the various sub-menus under Inventory?  Nope.

Well, not "nothing" I suppose - I can choose to buy more items like these or sort them or stack them, but nothing points to actually being able to retrieve them.  So they are safe.  Very safe.  Nobody will ever get these items.  Not even me, I guess.

Edit: Lightning fast response on the support ticket.  The answer is that you need to click-drag the Asset Safety Wrap into your inventory and then you'll be given the option to pay the fee.  Thanks to GM Molo for the overnight response time!


  1. Working as intended?

  2. From the asset safty article: "After 5 days a player can choose to have the assets delivered to an NPC station, outpost, or Citadel in the same system the assets were originally located, free of charge."

    checking botane on zkillboard you probably refere to the fortiza that just died this morning at 1:52 (don't know which TZ your blog runs in) as there aren't that many fortiza kills in that system.

    So you should be fine in 5 days and shouldn't even have to pay a fee if you get the stuff in the same system on a structure of your choice.

    best regards

    1. I got a quick response on a support ticket, indicating that the answer is to click-drag the asset safety wrap into my inventory. So next time I'm in that system I'll pick them up.

  3. CCP GUI design strikes again - no affordances or hints as to how the feature works. I love this game, but cripes, the gui design can be painfully obscure in some places.