May 25, 2017

Hype for a Roam

I managed to catch a Kirith Kodachi Sunday night roam, which often doesn't happen just because of RL scheduling.  I logged on after the fleet had already departed, so when I heard it was dessies and down I fumbled around my hangar and pulled out a Wolf.  It was a terrible choice for a fleet, even one that only had a single frigate logi, but even moreso when I realized it was pretty much all armor ships.  The Wolf... really not so much.

After a couple empty systems we found a Moa, killed it, and then found a much blingier Moa... killed it.  A couple frigates were in the wrong place at the wrong time, a Talos (no, double webs weren't enough to slow down small targets), and a Stork.  The Stork was a challenge because he was burned way out in a medium plex, and Open Graves had to run him down and get a scram on him to slow him down enough for me to get my arties on him. Or perhaps more importantly, get a scram on him without dying.

Have I mentioned the new stars are pretty?

Anyway, then we went on and found a Hurricane and buddies.  I remember seeing people trying to use double-web Hurricanes to fight small-hull gangs, but this wasn't that successful (and only had a single web).

The real capstone of the night through was when a wild Hyperion appeared.  The triple-rep held out pretty nicely, and people were starting to talk about whether they had any big ships nearby, but apparently he just plain ran out of cap boosters.  Kudos to Nyaruko Wu for bringing the Hype out to play - there were GFs in local and it sounded like he brought it out knowing it would die.

For lowsec being dead and all it was a pretty action-packed roam.  Thanks to Kirith Kodachi for leading it out!

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