December 25, 2012


Eve is big - ever hear that before?  Yeah, I thought so.  I've spent the last eight months getting basic skills under me and probably doing what a lot of newbies do - trying a little bit of everything

So far:
* Missioning - got to Level 4s and then smackdown, more on that in a later post
* PvP - spent a week in RvB which was fun, but found myself itching to get back to earning ISK and skilling (since I was not in a learning clone while in RvB)
* FW - spent almost two months in Gallente FW (Noob Mercs)
* Industry - I spun up an alt and gave her a run for a few months to learn mining, trading, and manufacturing before pulling her back into the same account as Jakob.

My limitations: I'm a Dad with two kids and full-time job, which means that Eve is limited to a couple nights a week and a couple hours each of those nights.  That seems to rule out a lot of things:
* Profit from station trading by tweaking your prices every few hours.
* Getting in a corp that expects CTAs at odd hours.
* Having a second account unless that account can pay for itself - that was the experiment with my industrial alt that I had to call an end to.

Things I want to do:
* More PvP - heading back to FW soon
* More Industry - I'd like to build all my own ships as a matter of course.  Yes, even if that isn't ISK optimal.
* Wormholes - once I can fly a ship that can really survive there.
* Pirating - I gave it a brief try twice, more on that later.
* See the sites (Eve Gate, etc)
* Have a POS (or be part of a corp that has one)
* FC
* etc

So I feel like I have an Eve Checklist, lots of things to do.  This blog will be about finding those things.

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