December 27, 2012

Tusker's FrigFest

My wallet is now about half as big as it used to be, but I now have 8 frigates and a destroyer contracted to be delivered to the Tusker's FrigFest.  I missed the last FrigFest but a friend of mine tried it out and said it was a lot of fun. So I'm hoping to get a couple of hours from the family to get in there and lose those ships - and hopefully take some other people with me of course.

First step has been to get those ships and modules all set.  Of course now I realize I didn't pack a pile of faction ammo into the station container.  The Tuskers have said they will have goods for sale in the local system but I would have preferred to remember to pack it in myself.  At least I did remember drones.

Second step will be just to get to wherever the event is going to be.  After it's announced I'll try to get my clone out there because I'm sure come January 5th all the gates heading from major population centers to the site will be camped.  Of course with the number of PVPers moving I'm sure that those camps will themselves be the site of running battles.  I think that one of my Atrons with Nanos might be a good way to try to run them, as long as I can tank it enough to survive smartbombs and still align in 5 seconds or less (or so).

Third step - the fight itself.  The rules call for no warping off to stargates or safespots.  The only way I could guess that the Tuskers could enforce that is to have someone constantly scanning for people not at a celestial and then call in a hit squad on them.  They're going to need such a squad to deal with the inevitable gate crashers anyway (though I haven't heard Fweddit is going to do that again).  Of course if the frigate pilots mob any out-of-class rulebreakers they may not last long anyway.  Hmm, I suppose if the target system is in nullsec then they could bubble the gates and focus on killing anyone out of class who pokes their nose in.

I suppose if I wanted to be on a lot of killmails then I should fit kiting ships and just MWD along banging into people.  No Thanks...

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