June 5, 2013

Odyssey, night one

I logged in last night and got at least an hour and some trying out the post-Odyssey world.  Much of my reaction to Odyssey was formed before I even saw it, thanks to the ample communication from CCP and other fan media sources, but that's different than actually getting out there.

Public Reactions to Odyssey - weren't you paying attention?
Perhaps this is my first step towards bitter-vet-dom, but I found myself annoyed by probably predictable forum posts on the day of Odyssey's release.  "What happened to my Hyperion's turrets?" or "I was training for Jump Freighter and now I'm behind."  Well, if you'd read the dev-blogs, or any of many of the eve bloggers, or listened to podcasts, or looked at the the Features and Ideas forum?  Complaining about it after the patch is a very inefficient way of getting what you want.

But what I suppose this really means is that I'm now one of those Eve player who is at least somewhat tuned into the meta.  I get that some people don't want to put that effort in and don't get that enjoyment out.  But if you don't, then don't be surprised when things change and you aren't aware of them.

You even have a change to log into SiSi and see things ahead of time, something I didn't do and maybe should.  Then I would have know more about...

Scan Overlay, Hacking, and ... Incursions?
So last night I downloaded the update, logged in, and futzed around while I waited for my jump clone timer to count down so I could switch to my exploration clone.  The cost of retrieving my low-implant clone from RVB-land for future low sec roaming near my new home base.  No biggie, I needed to straighten out some industrial things anyway.

Then to my exploration clone.  Hmm, my exploration base of operations is currently under Incursion.  I do want to try Incursions sometime, but until I have either T2 Large Hybrids or T2 Logi skills I'm not going to be accepted into any such fleets.  Even then I probably can't bling out a battleship to the level that seems to be required unless I win another billion on SOMER.Blink.  So now's not the time to start - and from what I understand of Incursions I don't think it will be that much more dangerous to be in a high sec area under incursion.  Unlike lowsec, Sansha won't be camping the gates with scram/web ships.  I see the various penalties to ship systems, but if exploration runs ok hopefully I won't have need of such considering that they don't spawn rats now.

Except everyone else in this area is apparently doing exploration too of course.  I'm seeing plenty of wormhole signatures, but only one combat site and one data site.  Data site was cleaned when I got there, combat site had someone through the first acceleration gate by the time I got there.  Ah well, those are the breaks of exploration in an area not too far from a market hub, as well as logging in when there are 41k+ players on.

Lessons Learned
I skipped this section last post, but I figure I always should put voice to this.  I should learn something each time or there isn't much worth posting about.  Sometimes though it isn't so much about a definitive lesson as a question that still needs an answer.

Basing Decision.  I need to make a firm choice on where I'm basing out of.  My current location is too near high traffic to be great for exploration.  I need to research a location to move a bit more out to.  With Iteron Vs now easier to get into skill wise, I should be able to move a pretty substantial amount of stuff easily enough.  A spare CovOps, fittings, drones, ammo.  Fly the IttyV out, duck back, fly out the CovOps I have rigged up now, duck back, fly out the BC I've been using for combat sites (particularly since T3s are now banned from high 3/10 and 4/10 combat sites - just in time for me to get the skills together to fly one).  Preferably somewhere with plenty of lowsec connections in case I want to try out lowsec exploring.

Dual-PLEX my alt? With the new ability to train my alt the temptation to have her skill on her industry is there.  But I'm also getting burnt out on the industry click-click-click.  It's something that is easy to do while the kids watch TV before bedtime, where an interruption will not leave me with a blown up ship (probably).  But then there is the chasing around materials, etc.  Bleh.  So I'm thinking no dual training now.  I need a more coherent plan of what I really want to do with her.  The standard answer out there seems to be station-trading, which fortunately she already has the skills for as an adjunct to industry.

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