June 27, 2013

What a difference a remap makes

Ah, what a difference a remap makes.  I have been in an Int/Mem remap since about the New Year, catching up on many things that I'm sure many people consider basics.  Skill for T2 shield tanking, for T2 EWar, new skills like the Sensor Comps and Armor Honeycombing,  T2 logi modules, T2 skills to try our exploration, and support skills that are prereqs for T2 ships.  Basically a lot of things that should open up opportunities for me to try more stuff.

But all those support skills are nothing without the ships skills to match.  They don't feel quite as much like progress.  Probably the best example is Shield Emission Systems IV and Remote Armor Repair Systems IV.  Both allow me to actually put the T2 reppers on a ship.  With the T1 logi frigates and cruisers that means I could theoretically get out and do something.  I was even in RVB and the BNI war was kicking off as I wrapped up that skill, though the one time a decent sized fleet was forming, the FC understandably would rather have me in a Thorax or Brutix than a first-timer in an Exequror.  Of course, it didn't help that since I only just had skilled up I didn't exactly have a stack of Exequrors hanging around the warzone.

Last night I flipped over to a Per/Will remap.  I have a list of ships and weapon systems a mile long that I want to train.  I'm excited about the first one on my list and hope to get out there and find some fun that will be worth posting about over the next week or so.  It is just a lot more active to be on the Per/Will side of things.

Now some of those skills are going to be long slogs on my young player scale of things.  Both Large guns and Cruiser skills are rank 5, so that's 16d according to my iPhone app though I suppose shorter since if I remember correctly the app can't tell what implants I have.  Battleship is rank 6, so just shy of 27 days.  But other fun ones will be shorter (Frigates V at 6d, Small gun Vs at 3d, Medium gun Vs at 10d).

Let's see what these more active skill options bring.

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