November 19, 2013

SOE ships - first kills, first losses now in the books

I find myself curious to see how long it will be until the first kills involving the new SOE ships.
As of this writing both ships have been involved as killers, but none have fallen yet.

Sadly the first Stratios related kill is a Interbus Customs Office bash.

The first Astero kill is of a Dreddit Venture in FW space, and a solo kill at that.  Congrats to Degnar Oskold for getting the first kill.  I'm glad to see you beat the next one by 19 minutes - since that next one was, yes, a Interbus Customs Office.

I'll update this when I see the first losses. :)

Update 1: That was fast - the first Stratios loss, valued at 546,990,000 as of this writing.  Ran afoul of quite a list of cruisers, HACs, and BCs.  I'd guess a gate camp?

Update 2: And the first Astero loss valued at 230,000,000 - also in Caldari/Gallente FW space, a solo kill by a Kestrel piloted by Clare Mittermeyer.  Congrats!  I'll point out that the Astero pilot, Poison Ivvy, did get in a kill in her Astero before being hunted down herself.

Note that prices for both are dropping fast.  Eve-Central has now been updated to have both in their database: Astero - Stratios.


  1. Melanine lost a stratios to an incursion rat gate camp in lowsec 8 minutes before this loss I think.

    1. I saw someone mention that on tweetfleet. I was working from zKillboard so perhaps neither pilot involved there has an API to zKillboard.

    2. Oh Incursion Rat - that's sad. :(

  2. So here's how the first Astero kill went down. I had gotten my blueprints and ran them out to my home base to be built as soon as the server came up. Had prepared my fit specifically to hunt farmers, and found Martoh with one Dreddit guy and two FW plexes opened. I warped to the medium plex, d-scan confirmed a Venture inside, I activated gate and cloaked up.... only to be decloaked when I landed less than 2 km from the beacon and much too far from the Venture to tackle it.

    The guy warped away looked for help in local (1 neutral in system) , typing "ASTERO IN MED PLEX GET THAT KILLMAIL". I took a guess that he warped to the other plex, a novice, and started warping to it. Again, d-scan picked him up. Landed on gate, activated gate, engaged cloak.

    Held my breath as I landed in the plex and remained cloaked! I didn't move for a couple of seconds just to see if the Venture had noticed, but he just sat in the plex 10km away. Burned at him, uncloaked, tackled, killed.

    The guy said that he actually felt honoured for having just been killed by the blingy new ship!

    1. Cool. I wonder if the first guy killed by a Moracha was as magnanimous. Congrats and I hope you get plenty more farmer kills.