November 1, 2013

SOMER, Blink, Profit

So, this post isn't about the scandal - I quickly decided I wanted no part in that.  But it is about how to profit from all this SOMER Blink madness.  I've mentioned in a previous post that I thought that SOMER Blink could be profitable for people who were willing to be patient and do the math.  With SOMER now offering 1 Billion Blink credit when you buy a GTC, now is a good time.

SOMER also isn't sitting still though.  I decided to buy some GTC to help skill up an alt and potentially pay for a fancy new ship (more on that later).  After running the spreadsheet (of course there is a spreadsheet, this is Eve after all) I found that the Vagabond would yield about 1.3M ISK profit for every 1M ISK spent in buying the 24M ISK ticket (given the particular weight of Blink credits versus promo tokens that I use, anyway).  I bought the GTC this morning and bought tickets for Vagabonds (and other things) whenever I got a spare moment at work.  I'm not saying it's me, but the price of a Vagabond ticket has now changed to 27.5M, reducing the profit to less than 0.5M ISK.

For those interested, the EV for the Cynabal and Orca still offer just over 0.5M ISK +EV.

Enjoy the chaos.

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