December 20, 2013

Poking my nose in - a quick trick for industry/traders

A short one on the industry/trading side.  There are all the little things that you discover on your own in New Eden.  This one is probably obvious for the vets.

So if you've done any industry/trading then you're probably already familiar with the trick of just jumping one system into a region so you can access the market to update your buy/sell orders.  As my T2 manufacturing has scaled up I've starting making runs to Jita rather than Dodixie for a mass buy that I then send back home using Push Industries.  Jita being what it is though you may prefer to not actually set foot in that particular den of villainy.   What I only realized for the first time last night is that I can fly my indy alt to the first system into The Forge, purchase everything I need, wait for the Assets window to update with the purchases, and then create a contract from the Assets window.   Several jumps and the Jita undock are thus avoided.

This also means that if/when I relocate my manufacturing base I'll definitely be looking at where I can touch the most number of regions with the fewest number of jumps.  Right now I technically have orders in three regions, but 90% of my revenue is from Sinq.

Oh and I can hear the voices saying "you buy mats from sell orders, you noob?"  Yes, I'm still capital constrained enough that I'm doing more of a JIT manufacturing process.  I will say that it is tempting for me to go to my main, sell that Vindi I won on SOMER, and ship 1B ISK over to the indy alt to make things go faster.  However, I do like the feeling that the icnreasing asset balance on the alt is an affirmation that I'm actually doing it right.  And besides, I'm not sure that I'm ready to acknowledge that I'm not going to want to fly that Vindi.

If you're starting up like me, do put some columns in your spreadsheet to compare your local market for materials to Jita.  For my situation I'm buying less than 20 different mats, and 4-5 of those will be cheaper locally than Jita.  Others will be as much as 20%+ cheaper in Jita.  A complete theoretical run I might make right now is 17% cheaper in Jita as a whole, which very quickly will cover the shipping charges.

Many vets or guides you may find will tell you to stick an alt in Jita to do this for you.  That's all fine if you have multiple accounts, but I have all three of my slots in my single account full and busy.  I'm starting to feel more confident that I can tell other newish people that they can make a go of T2 manufacturing with only one account and while keeping their main free for PVP.  I'm not down to the 30min a night or less yet with the profits of a Croda, but I'm getting there.

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  1. I am just starting T2 manufacturing, so far without much success!