December 30, 2013

Pod And Planet

Short post.  I am incredibly excited to find that my piece "Taking His Medicine" won Second Place in the Pod and Planet writing contest for 2013. Amazing.  The prize will be converted to ISK and shortly after that will be converted into destroyed ships.  Given my skill as demonstrated by my recent killboard, that might go pretty quickly really.

On an unrelated note, a shout out to Fintarue whose Twitch Stream I've enjoyed as well as his advice on the High Drag podcast.  I gave him a bounty to celebrate him getting plied with alcohol by Mrs. Fintarue on a recent 'cast and have been rewarded with notifications from 28 of his last explosions.  Last time I gave him a donation and a bounty.  To celebrate winning the Pod and Planet I think I'll have to do that again.  Go explode, Fintarue!

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