January 20, 2014

Looking back on 2013, Flying into 2014

About a year ago I started this blog with the title "Eve Checklist" and the feeling that there was so much to do in eve that I needed a list.  Some of the things I listed as wanting to do back in the Introductions post in December 2012:
  • More PvP (by which I think I intended to mean Faction Warfare) (DONE)
  • More Industry (DONE)
  • Wormholes (Partially Done)
  • Pirating (by which I meant other PVP I guess) (DONE)
  • See the sites (Eve Gate, etc) (I suppose I also meant sights) (Partially DONE)
  • Have a POS (Not Done)
  • Learn to FC (Partially Done)
I'm pretty happy with all that, and I think it's giving me a good outlook for 2014.  I'll take these somewhat backwards.

More Industry / POS - I've recently gotten my industrial alt to a point where it looks feasible to make some ISK, but she's still very capital constrained.  Hopefully by the time I exhausted have my GTC/Blink/Pod&Planet money I have this figured out.  But making a POS doesn't seem to be in the plans for right now.

Wormholes - I trained up for a Proteus and have flown it around in Wormholes.  I'll probably have a separate post on that at some point.  There was a sekrit mission I had there that failed.  The Proteus still hasn't seen combat, though I've had some failed cloaky ambushes.  In general I found wormholes to be remarkably empty feeling.

More PVP / Pirating - Now for many of you my "more PvP" is a pretty pitiful thing.  There are people who get more kills in a month than I did in all of 2013.  You can also see the nature of killboards pretty clearly in my month-by-months - when I was flying in fleets like the brief RvB/BNI War or in events like FrigFest I have a huge number of "kills" - by of course we all know that means I put at least a offensive module on someone who died.  In an hour of some of those fleet ops I might have dozens of "kills."  By contrast I can spend an entire evening (call it 2 hours) roaming and getting one fight that results in either a kill or loss.  But I have definitely found that the solo / small-gang experience is a lot more thrilling.  And sometimes the chases and traps that don't even result in a kill are a thrill too.  But I've written about that before.

Learn to FC - I've FC'd for a small group of friends running about, mostly in FW space.  This has mostly led to our ships being turned into wrecks, though at least sometimes there were other people exploding too.  Definitely something I'll be looking for in the future.

So I'd say that my expectation for 2014 is definitely more PVP focused than my 2013 was.  But I've also found that solo is very difficult, and I haven't been able to learn as much on my own and in casual conversations with people to learn as much as I'd like.  I also have really liked small gang work and haven't been able to do that much.  I like the idea of flying in a fleet just big enough to have some call for specialized ships such as ewar and logi.  I've even trained up for T1 logi and all ewar types, but haven't really had any chance to use that.  I want to change that.

To that end I've looked for a new corp and I'm glad to say I'm now a member of Rifterlings.  I'm hoping that will set the stage for my 2014.  In a separate post I'll talk about some goals for 2014.

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