February 3, 2014

PCU Upswing - B-R5RB butterfly effect

I'll keep this short.  No, I'm not going to confuse PCU with subscriber count like some blogs seems to have.  But when I logged in Sunday afternoon I was surprised to see that over 55,000 users were logged in.  That seemed high to me, but then I don't usually log in on Sunday afternoon as much.  That's more of a family time normally.  But it wasn't just me, as Eve-Offline shows.  And it wasn't just a mash of Americans logging in to set their skill queues and industrial jobs before they head to Superbowl parties.

It does make me wonder if I'm reading Eve-Offline right.  If you open up the charts I've linked above, you can see that the "Past Month" chart breaks 45,000 basically every weekend.  But if you look at the "Past three months" chart, it doesn't break 45,000 until February 2nd.  I'm guessing that this is an artifact of the chart rendering - Chribba is sampling the underlying data and the peaks are a short enough span that the sampling is passing them over.  The "All Time" chart explicitly notes that it is a weekly average, so I'd guess there isn't averaging going on in the earlier ones.

I don't remember seeing the "Newborn player graphs" before, but it is pretty cool to see that spike that pretty much matches the news of B-R5BR hitting the mainstream press.

Does anyone know if Chribba has those available as downloadable data?

Speaking of which, last night's Superbowl score for a while looked like it might mirror the balance of Titan losses in B-R5RB.  Do Goons control the NFL? Coincidence or Conspiracy!

Update: I'm clearly behind here, since I didn't follow the CCP Twitch stream recently.  Check out this good blogosphere reaction: Hug a New Bro (Sand Cider and Spaceships).  I'm still curious about the oddness in the Eve-offline charts though.

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