February 27, 2014

Rifterlings/PBA and analyzing shiny mods

I haven't blogged much due to combination of RL and having too much fun in Eve.  The short sumary is that joining Rifterlings has been great.  I want to share some of that experience here and give a bit of a teaser on a side project I'm working on to analyze shiny modules.  If I wait till I have more then I'll never post again.

Rifterlings / Point Blank Alliance Experience
My play hours haven't changed (may even be less) and yet I'm getting way more fights.  Mostly small-gang with some solo.  My killboard may look terrible compared to "serious peeveepee" players in terms of number of kills, granted.  My February is shaping up to have the kind of kills only previously seen when I've participated in a FrigFest type event.

We've had some great fights over the past few times I've logged in.  We've run into roaming gangs our size (or even bigger) and brawled until one side is dead and then reshipped and done it again.  A couple nights ago we brawled with ( ) and we knocked them down, they came back and we knocked them down, and they even came back one more time.  Our fleets tend to run to around a dozen pilots, generally in the frigate hull space since that lets us get into most plexes.

Fights aren't always fair (welcome to Eve).  Rifterlings take great pleasure in killing stabbed FW plexers and even moreso for the ones which appear to be bots.  Faction Warriors in plexes can expect to have a small gang drop into their plex - and we hope that they'll shout for their brothers in arms to form up give everyone involved a good fight.  Of course we're commonly not the biggest group - last night our T1/T2 frigates had to spend some time running away from a larger fleet of Cruiser/HAC/Recon ships.

We have a very generous corp members who has been sharing around a lot of shiny hulls for anyone who asks for them, so expect to see some shiny lossmails on my killboard soon!  The only thing slowing me down there is getting the fittings in, since I've specifically pulled some hulls that I'm not as familiar with.

We also have some fun alliance ops coming up, so hopefully I'll find time to blog about those too.

Side Project - Shiny Modules

When to fit something other than T1 and T2 modules?  Some "shiny" modules are surprisingly cheap out there and I think people are missing using them because we just don't think to look at faction / deadspace type modules.  I want to be more complete here, but as a start:

Officer 10MN MWDs look amazing - cap penalty almost eliminated, signature bloom just over 400% instead of 500%.  The top of that line will set you back 380M for the Corelum A-Type 10MN.  But if you’re looking for about 70M ISK worth of MWD for your T3 or HAC, the Corelum C-Type offers you better stats for basically the same ISK.

M4 10MN Microwarpdrive (fitting 10/180, -19% cap, +500% sig) - 20K ISK
T2 10MN Microwarpdrive (fitting 10/198, -17% cap, +500% sig) - 3M ISK
Fed Navy 10MN Microwarpdrive (fitting 10/180, -14% cap, +489% sig) - 70M ISK
Corelum C-Type 10MN Microwarpdrive (fitting 10/180, -8% cap, +433% sig) - 70M ISK
Corelum A-Type 10MN Microwarpdrive (fitting 10/180, -3% cap, +411% sig) - 380M ISK

What would  you want to see in an analysis of shiny mods?  Drop me a line or comment.


  1. I'd love to see a broader analysis of mods like the Corpii C-Type Explosive Plating. It's about 5% more effective than the T2 variant, but only costs about 1 million isk. That's three times more expensive than the T2, but the price point is so low that I don't really care about the difference. If all the platings of that class were similar in price compared to their T2 versions, I'd never use anything but the deadspace mods.

    1. That one is indeed on my list. All of the C-Type explosive plating look decent as well as the Centii C-Type Thermic plating, I'm seeing the former as good for Gallente AFs and the latter as good for Amarr. I do wonder how long the prices last there.