October 31, 2014

Eve Settings reset

I now have a new machine on which I am playing Eve.  This also means that I'm discovering all the things which I have to configure.  I'll make a list here in hopes it might help other people too and keep updating it as I find other things, and perhaps some knowledgeable and influential people find it useful.  (Hi Sugar Kyle)

Edit: See the links TurAmarth ElRandir provided below for moving settings from machine to machine.
I thought with the recent changes the overviews were now on the server.  So when I logged in and heard a fleet forming up, I was surprised to see I had only the basic overview and none of mine.  Fortunately the new overview sharing capability meant that all I had to do was ask for the corp standard overview on comms and I was in business in a matter of clicks.

Speaking of which, brand new last minute announced UI dev blog sounds great.  Combined with the sharable overviews I'm sure we'll all have new ones flying around our corps soon.

Not Persistent (i.e. client side)
* Video settings such as a full-screen versus windowed mode.
* HUD location and settings are not persistent.  This includes the location of the HUD, the location of combat messages and general messages.
* Audio settings (Eve has sound? yeah, I know).
Left-hand Neocom icons.  I can't seem to find where the switch is to make those icons small.
Wallet flash.  Is that in the Esc settings?  No, it's in the Wallet settings.  I wonder what the design principle is on when settings are in the local interface, and when they are in the global (Esc) settings?

Persistent Settings (i.e. server side)
* Auto-Target back.  I would have forgotten this entirely if a new pilot in corp two weeks ago hadn't auto-targeted our fleet logi back, which meant that we had to talk him through turning that off.  I'm surprised this persisted give that other things on the ESC menu don't appear to have persisted.


  1. If I remember correctly, you can change the size of the Neocom icons by grabbing the divider line, and moving it left or right.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, I'll hunt those down when I get a chance to log in post-Pheobe. The test would be if those all still work after the changes to overviews and such.