October 24, 2014

Overclocked Weapons and building all the things

I want to briefly plug an idea that was posted for "overclocked" weapons by Phoenix Jones on the "Blighted Weapons" thread.  Here's a fragment from his post. (link)
The weapons are based off the t1 base constructed weapons (let's take a heavy neutron blaster tech 1), adds extra parts to it (let's say sleeper salvage (the non nano ribbon stuff)), and overclocks the weapon.
An overclocked weapon does the following
Damage is that of the t1 module as it currently stands. When heated, damage increases to that of a deadspace weapon (this is using t1 ammo). When unheated, goes back into normal t1 weapon damage.
This got me to thinking on other ways this might be made and how that might be expanded in the proclaimed future in which players can build everything.

The overclocked weapon is a particular invention outcome that an Inventor chooses to try to make, using a special decryptor which is found as a drop (perhaps with Rogue Drones).  This idea of a special decryptor might be the means by which player produce meta, faction, deadspace, and officer modules.  Instead of the drops giving the module directly, which short-cuts the richness of Eve's industrial side, this brings the ratters right back to work with their manufacturing counterparts (if they don't do both themselves).

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  1. The idea of removing item drops and replacing them with production blueprints and materials seems so obvious when you think about it.