March 3, 2015

Null Sov Storm

The long-awaited nullsov dev blog and the attendant meta-storm have arrived.

As someone who hasn't lived in nullsec, it looks interesting.  It seems to be very much set up so that a small group could grab a system somewhere that is not valued highly and try to hold onto it.  In reality it looks like holding onto a constellation is more the minimum size though.

The real entertainment value is the comments thread where it appears that most people skimmed the dev-blog and then rushed to be the first to post their hatred of it... without actually reading or thinking or any of that stuff that might slow them down.

The question is how many days (or pages of the thread) is required before a substantial number of the posters have really given some thought to it.  Yes, there will continue to be trolling posters who will continue to bring up misconstrued ideas (ex: "one interceptor/recon/covops with an Entosis Link will be able to reinforce a constellation single handed every night.") just to see everyone else sputter.

I do agree that if the design intent was to split alliances by timezone then they might have wanted to say that up front.

This will be interesting to watch.  On a related note, GalMil took Heydelies last night in a rather short IHub bash after a week or so of fighting plexes back and forth...


  1. The main complaint so far seems to be the whack-a-mole node capture required to defend against someone reinforcing your structures for fun.

    1. Someone attacking your space for fun? Eve Gods Forbid! :)

      It looks like we're now moving out of the mindless pain responses and into the more useful phase. Seriously proposed attacker fits (granted, without knowing what the fitting costs would be) are starting to be countered by defender fits (damps, sniper rails).

      The other aspect that seems to be missed so far is that while the build costs are 20M/80M as listed, the blog suggest that the materials will be coming from Drifter drops, and thus will be limited. If a coalition starts spamming entosis-linked ships that are meant to be throwaway then that demand is going to outstrip supply and the price will go through the roof.

    2. Is it "Drifter" loot or "Drifter Battleship" loot. If it's the latter, you're likely to see one ship lost to the miniDoomsday per ratting attempt. That'll certainly drive up the cost of the Entonsis Module.

    3. Xmas, I was corrected on another thread that while the dev blog says the technology is coming from the Drifters it doesn't actually say that any drop from that will be needed. So we'll have to see. I do still like the idea that the Entosis Links would be limited in supply and thus prices could act as a brake. On the other hand, it does potentially give yet more advantage to wealthier/larger groups.

  2. I haven't done the sov null bit for a while, but I'm excited by these changes. Hopefully this, combined with jump changes, might mean we get to see more groups coming out to set up and carve out their own bits without the vast expanses of empty space that currently exist.

    Wormhole space already has a version of this up and running, in terms of the use it or lose it aspect at least, and it works fine there. If those of us in w-space can handle it, I'm sure the sov warriors can ;)

    What I'm truly interested in is whether or not we might see some of the ideas of this new sov system make its way into FW. There are a lot of good ideas in the new sov system that, properly applied, could spice up FW a bit, too.