March 30, 2015

The end of attributes, a good time for alts

As recently posted on Reddit by Bizpit, new characters now have four bonus remaps rather than two.  I checked my new baby alt and indeed he has the four remaps.  If you've recently created a character and managed to just miss the unannounced new policy by a few days then definitely put in a ticket.  One poster reports that he was given the additional two remaps when he asked.  As always with support tickets, be polite and you're more likely to get what you want.

Does this mean the end of attributes, with a policy coming where we'll always train at the same value as an optimal remap?  Perhaps.  But if you're starting up an alt this should make it extra juicy.

Map Int/Mem
Learn Cybernetics to IV
Plug in +4 Implants for Int and Mem
Run through all of the Core Skills you need for your alt's focus

Map Per/Will
Plug in +4 Implants for Per and Will
Run through all of the ship/weapon skills you need

and continue depending on what kind of alt you're making.

I'm thinking of posting skill plans for each of the alt types I'm considering and will include the four-remap pattern as part of that.  I'm seeing a number of skill plans out there, some of which need updating to take advantage of new opportunities.

So far I'm thinking:
* Baby Booster (with potential to grow to full Link Alt)
* Cyno Alt
* Industrial Alt
* Market Trader Alt
* Planetary Interaction Alt
* Hauler Alt
* ???

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  1. Care to post your "from scratch" cyno alt plan? I'm thinking about getting into jump freighters, so I'll need a few of these! Thanks!